Corte Madera 100 Years

Corte Madera Centennial 1916-2016

Corte Madera celebrates 100 year Centennial.  1916 - 2016


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Crowds gathered along the parade route to see the fabulous Centennial float exhibiting all the icons for which Corte Madera is famous: Hanging baskets, Piccolo Pavilion, shorebirds, Town Hall, Town Center, The Village, the iconic Elephant Fountain and more.

The Centennial Float was designed by Eladia Laines. Kim Baez of Noble Builders, Suzie Beatie, Bob Bundy, David Denning, Julie Kritzberger of the Chamber of Commerce Dorsey McTaggart, Becky Reed and Tim Warden helped Eladia in gale force winds to construct the float.

Town Council (l-rI) Jim Andrews, Carla Condon, Vice Mayor Diane Furst and Mayor Sloan Bailey getting ready for the parade to begin, riding in a Jaguar Convertible, courtesy of Marin Luxury Cars.

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