Corte Madera 100 Years

Corte Madera Centennial 1916-2016

Corte Madera celebrates 100 year Centennial.  1916 - 2016

Join in the fun and contact the Centennial Committee with any questions you might have.  Email us at




Suzi Beatie, Co-Chair and East Side rep

Jana Haehl, Co-Chair, Corte Madera Community Foundation

Becky Reed, Co-Chair and Co-Chair Weekend 100

Pati Stoliar, Age-Friendly Corte Madera and Co-Chair Weekend 100,

Town Council Representatives:

Carla Condon,  Councilmember

Diane Furst, Councilmember

Mario Fiorentini, Director of Parks and Recreation

Julie Kritzberger, Corte Madera Chamber of Commerce

Bob Bundy, Lions Club

Joan Vaughan, Corte Madera Women's Club

Phyllis Galanis, Corte Madera Beautification Committee

Melanie Salman, Larkspur-Corte Madera School District

Eladia Laines, West Side